bed's headboard

And all your future lies beneath your hat.
 John Oldham

Women look chic with fascinators (think Kate Middleton.) and men look so attractive with fedoras. 

oo lala.

Beds need that 'cap' too! I'd like to build/make/nail a headboard for my bed when I move in two short months! Here are my two favorite looks...

Liking the extra glam look of the mirrors.  Perhaps its a long narrow (2 rows instead of 4) that tuck neatly behind the pillows? 

The polished and classic look is and has been so appealing. Tweed, herringbone, velvet.... mmm loving this.


a standard.

a standard in everything we do, participate in, and make a priority.

coral + blue

I love this outfit.
Kendi nailed this one.