Whirley Pop

I completely realize its only March...... which makes Christmas about 9 months away from Thursday....... but it's never too early to start a wish list :) ha... says the girl that keeps a year-long running Christmas for her family and close friends so she can get juuuust the right thing.
I am adding a Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper to my list!! Adding it early ensures I'll get it right!? haha I kid I kid. I bring it up because it worked last year....... my brownie pan post from Oct 31!

Alright. Start with 2 Tbsp of olive oil and 1/2 cup popcorn in your whirley pop.
Whirl your handle for about 5 minutes and voila. Awesome, perfectly popped popcorn. And of course, I add melted butter. Just a bit- maybe 2 tablespoons. This fills a huge bowl and is enough to feed 3 or 4 or 5 or 6.


Chicken Noodle Soup

I can't believe I forget to name off chicken noodle soup every time someone asks me what my favorite food is...... I LOVE IT!!

I was craaaving meat after my week in Texas because we lived with 2 vegetarians and most of our meals were veggies, so I texted my mom on the way home and asked for chicken noodle soup. This soup has turned into our traditional Christmas Eve dinner because its that good. But why not have it in the middle of March too!?

We cooked our chicken at 350 for about 90 minutes...
Sauteed our celery, carrots, and onions. Added water, low sodium chicken broth, s&p, and then homemade noodles. They're lumpy and chewy and so sooo good. And right as my corn bread muffins came out of the oven we plopped our hot chopped chicken in the soup.



raspberry scones

It used to be facebook, but now I think I've found something a little more worthy to waste my time on...

like finding these raspberry scones on Joy the Baker!
grated chilled butter?! too fun. and the pop of bright raspberry red? ah. perfection.

These will be made promptly when I get back from Austin. I wish I had time to do it before but it just won't be happening.

Speeeaking of Austin.......
I am thrilled that I will be seeing this lovely lady :) haha this picture cracks me up. This was us nearly 2 or 3 years ago at my uncle's wedding clearly having a lot of fun! Carmen and Jason will be coming up from Houston to do dinner Friday night. I. can't. wait. to. see. them!!


mm mm

I'm eating this as I type... and I'm not getting anywhere because I don't want to put the spoon down!! This is a must-try combination!

pomegranate blueberry yogurt and chia seeds, topped with a banana, homemade granola, sliced almonds, and fresh raspberries and blackberries! .... there are definite perks about working in and around the test kitchen!! I brought home tons of raspberries and blackberries and awesome brownies on friday :)

I had a great weekend and truly can't wait for next weekend and then my trip to Austin TX :)
I sipped on this pomegranate cosmo at Old Chicago before heading to the Corral last night


Tinted Mint Tape

Oh, I'm in love. Yesss, its tape...but not just any tape.... it is gorgeous, perfectly tinted, eco-friendly(?!) tape in the most beautiful modern boxes. I wish Christmas was closer. or my birthday. either would be just fine.


oatmeal overflow

Bare with me... this photo isn't pretty. I forgot to put my banana slices on first so they are just plopped on top... and the color... and the fact that I wasn't watching close enough so my oatmeal boiled over and is stuck to the sides of my bowl...

Into the mix-- oatmeal, chia seeds, milk, water and to top it off a banana, slivered almonds, and brown sugar. This was pretty good but next time I'd like to add vanilla and/or peanut butter for a little extra flavor!

Tonight I had AWESOME beef stew with thee. most. tender. beef I've had probably since last summer (and crescent rolls! yeah!). I didn't grab a picture because I was too hungry, but look at this gorgeous salad I had a two nights ago. mm mmm!
chia seeds on my salad too
It was awesome and happened to compliment the hot wings I had perfectly.

Alright, enough salad talk. I may have to make these this weekend! If Puppy Chow and Cookies had a baby this is what she'd look like. oh yum!


Oh Canada!

Just because the Olympics are done doesn't mean we still can't enjoy them! Carrie, one of Spenser's good friends, cracked me up with these photos -- take a look!
Are you surprised that evan lysacek and scott moir don't appear on this page?
I'm not. Those guys couldn't look bad if they tried. mm mmm