a time of warmth.
one's family, loved ones nearby, freshly baked cookies,
twinkling lights, homemade soup, cozy blankets,
finding that perfect gift,
roaring fireplace, new special traditions...

I hope everyone felt their own version of warmth during Christmastime.
I know I did. My heart is full.
My parents have always been exceptional gift givers.
My fossil watch and kitchen gadgets top my list this year!
"santa must be facing outward at all times"
josh and i attending one of the christmas parties
our sweets at home in nevada!
thee cutest little trees. they are all of 1 inch high.
my mom is the best cookie decorator there is.
the peanut blossoms needed a close-up. gorg.
and other sweet options at home to accompany our christmas brunch.
Christy, Katie, and I at our work party.
Tony, Taylor, and Josh joined too.
such a fun night at the Kirkwood Lounge!!
christmas cookie decorating content at work.
chresten, janet, joel and me.
I spent most of my time cuddling handsome three-week-old Henry at the Miller Christmas.
Shelly planned awesome Minute-to-Win-It games too.
this was before I dominated in wii bowling at the Black Townhouse.
i adore him.
if you know me, you know I love paper.
combine paper and christmas and this girl is really happy!
i used old posters (gift from an image stockhouse at work) as gift wrap.
josh's christmas letter slid in and out from under this old page from a book. 
im obsessed with this masking tape!
my awesome parents.
they are thee best.
little Maggie
our family christmas celebrated on December 26th.
it was wonderful spending the entire day together.
the day consisted of eating, unwrapping, playing with Maggie, laughing, eating more, and playing cards.
it was a very warm christmas.


tape you'll love

I grocery shop with a list.
Do you?
And if you do, wouldn't you agree that some of the most fun buys and bites are the ones thrown in along the way that never made the cut to be on your list?

the twix that hopped into your basket? loved them!
the hard cider that fell into your cart? really loved that!
the avocado that inspired the salsa and tortilla chips? yep, downed that.

The same thing happened with this masking tape. it caught my eye and hopped into my bag at the east village shop known as Ephemera
I used it as part of my Christmas wrapping and plan to make a framed graphic wall hanging with it! Check out all of the fun colors and prints here!


twenty twelve

You won't find the words 'more' or 'stop' in my resolutions. When those words, or words similar to those, are used in creating personal goals, or in contrast with concepts, they shine negatively. Too negatively. Negativity will not allow room for positivity, growth, or appreciation, so my "resolutions" are written in a different way.

...A handful of them have short additions that I only know of. A rough goal, number, or level to attain. But, overall, I am building a better 2012 based on the strong foundation of 2011...

Building. Adding to. Contributing. Fighting for. And growing.

Which is exactly why there is only room for something positive here.

Spend time in prayer
Reflect in writing
Find 3 great organizations to support
Bake cinnamon rolls from scratch
Get a skin check
Get Sealed on etsy
Write letters often
Find a good book...or 3
Pay myself first
Take my own lunch to work each day