love me some

It's ironic I am deciding to write this post during the week of Valentine's Day... I've never been a fan. Even years I happen to have a boyfriend. There are too many dollars spent on overpriced red petals, too many disappointed girls with lofty expectations, and I have never been a fan of pink. or hearts. especially pink hearts.

Regardless of the pink hearts and crusty petals that remain from the big day, here are 9 things I happen to love. or shall I say adore.

In no particular order...

Williams-Sonoma Small Silicone Spoonula
They're petite and boy are they cute!
I have a green set (spoon-and-spat-ula) because my mama knows I love green.

The combination of a bright blue-teal and poppy orange.
I used to hate this. Seriously hate. But now I appreciate the complimentary tones and the way they pop! Its so springy. I immediately think of the glassy green sea in Capri and the coral that was everywhere. takes me back :)

chocolate milk.
buy some the next time you're at the grocery store.
I think about chocolate milk (and golden grahams. weird, I know) everyday during my workout at Kosama. sooo good.

Anthropologie's new wedding dress line.
The simplicity and unique embellishments are incredible, but the photo styling is just as wonderful.

I love breakfast. Usually it's (loaded) oatmeal and usually its at 8am. But last night I made these awesome pancakes and was so close to making them again. Like Madison suggests, best topped with peanut butter!

Smores Pie.
If you know me very well, you know I love smores. and marshmallows. So I am sure you're not surprised that I can't stop dreaming about this pie. Ohh my goodness.

Biaggi's Foccaccia bread.
I contemplate driving to Biaggis just for their bread numerous times each week. I am not exaggerating. I have to remind my self—continually—that bread, no matter how cheap (only $2.75 for a quarter of a pan!!) it is, is not the best dinner option.

aaaand I just realized I just posted 3 food items.
That means I need to stop and think about more things I love.
other than my heated mattress pad. thats dorky.
and this knife I want (err... I want my mom to get). it involved the kitchen and I already posted about the kitchen enough.


Tomato Tomahto

Iowa winters are cold! and dark! which really affects the way food photography looks... After not posting for nearly a month, I've decided to update a few of my favorite meals for, perhaps, your inspiration and so I remember these great combinations and ideas for future dinners.

Ironically, all of these include fresh tomatoes... and last night as I was making a homemade burrito bowl, I was disappointed at how rarely I have and use fresh tomatoes in the winter. Annnd here I am blogging about 3 recipes that include fresh tomatoes. What?!

first up—Salsa!
Tangy, salty, and spicy! I crave nothing more than mexican during the winter months and this salsa is an easy one to whip up in the evenings. Don't forget the lime juice, cilantro, and beans for added protein!

Whole Wheat Gnocchi with Fresh Tomato sauce
Trader Joe's has the best inexpensive, soft, doughy gnocchi around. Top with cherry tomato+basil+and plenty of spices for a simple and filling dinner. Can't wait to recreate this one soon!

Spaghetti with Mushroom Marinara
Tomato paste has so many health benefits and is packed with flavor! Using it in store bought marinara sauce, along with plenty of sauteed mushrooms+tomatoes+basil is a fast way to pump up your sauce. I loved this dinner!
What types of food have you been missing these winter months??