Summer Stew

Although its a scorcher today and it is the beginning of a hot summer month, this creamy fresh vegetable stew absolutely hit the spot!
My—oh—my! My mom outdid herself tonight! She is simply the best. The best baker (buttermilk brownies, anyone?!), the best cook, the best listener, the most supportive, loving, truly fantastic mom. This stew was no different. Just awesome!
Garden green beans, carrots, and hearty potatoes in a creamy and perfectly thick gravy. How does it get any better?
I couldn't wait to dig in to my bowl of soup! First, though, I grabbed a huge pile of green grapes, and a few dippers for red pepper hummus. Cukes, tortilla chips, and carrots work so well with the hummus! You can chomp forever!
Refreshing. Filling. Light.

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