twenty twelve

You won't find the words 'more' or 'stop' in my resolutions. When those words, or words similar to those, are used in creating personal goals, or in contrast with concepts, they shine negatively. Too negatively. Negativity will not allow room for positivity, growth, or appreciation, so my "resolutions" are written in a different way.

...A handful of them have short additions that I only know of. A rough goal, number, or level to attain. But, overall, I am building a better 2012 based on the strong foundation of 2011...

Building. Adding to. Contributing. Fighting for. And growing.

Which is exactly why there is only room for something positive here.

Spend time in prayer
Reflect in writing
Find 3 great organizations to support
Bake cinnamon rolls from scratch
Get a skin check
Get Sealed on etsy
Write letters often
Find a good book...or 3
Pay myself first
Take my own lunch to work each day

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