taking stock

Making: eta: strawberry rhubarb crisp 
Cooking: cowboy caviar. we've made 4 batches in the last 3 weeks
Drinking: iced coffee c/o Trader Joes with almond milk
Reading: Love Languages
Wanting: new dresses
Looking: forward to Chicago with my Joshel
Playing: games with McCoy tonight is what I'll be up to!
Wasting: time. arg. I long to use my minutes + hours more intentionally
Sewing: pillows 2 weeks ago with drapery remnants
Wishing: for a sunny Saturday to landscape
Enjoying: my time as Mrs. Black. I pinch myself and thank God hourly.
Waiting: for Joshel to get home and the three Millers to get here soon!
Liking: our new normal. feels so good.
Wondering: what God has in store for us.
Loving: Josh. fresh herbs. coconut oil in lieu of lotion
Hoping: to be a mama. and praying. praying hard.
Marvelling: at God's plans and forgiveness and grace
Needing: Gods grace. and breakfast
Smelling: rain
Wearing: old jeans and teeshirt. and im at work. thats awesome
Following: my heart and God's leads in turning away from gossiping and paying loans ($4300 to go!!)
Noticing: the beauty everywhere.
Knowing: how to calligraphy and watercolor is really poppin up a lot lately
Thinking: about Carm... Emily... Josh.. Jamie...Sara as she interviews
Feeling: content and excited for the weekend
Bookmarking: recipes and Intentional Questions to enrich relationships
Opening: my heart
Giggling: at Joshs silly dances and jokes
Feeling: loved. very loved.

post inspiration taken from here.

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