Josh painted, brightened and refreshed the walk-in closet for me. my first spot in OUR home but I still kept my bags on the weekend in the guest bedroom until it was officially mine.

showers + planning. hello Kitchenaid!

celebrated 14 years for my healthy kidney. same day as McCoy's baptism, too!

we became Mr. and Mrs. Black. married. God blessed us with a beautiful, slow and exciting day!

Puerto Vallarta. sunburns, blister got infected (disgusting), cards under the umbrellas with guac and drinks, earthquakes, dolphins, sun and love. It was wonderful.

New job for Josh! He was pursued for this cardiovascular position RIGHT after our wedding. God has perfect timing.

bonfires, landscaping and sunshine.

new living room furniture!

Chicago Blackhawks weekend for the third time! a weekend in Galena was the perfect end to the weekend!

State Fair. corn dogs a-plenty!

paid off my student loans on Oct 19! (over $17,000 in May 2013 and completed 17 months later) Josh surprised me a dozen white roses and a J and a B mug :)

Ryan Adams concert in Ames and late night Perkins.

Josh's 37th birthday. dinner with our families at Exile.

Garth Brooks concert on Nov. 8th! with all the Millers.

My 27th birthday. dinner at cool basil of course :)

Wisdom teeth out! Josh was so helpful and very sweet. Felt pretty good after 4 days of resting and icing. Thank you God for ice packs.

first Thanksgiving as the Blacks!

McCoys birthday party. farm animals, chewing on ribbons and pork sandwiches.

Stephen Kellogg concert at Flying Mango as our 7s birthday gift to one another!

new bedroom furniture and a fun (and challenging!) bathroom remodel!

first Christmas as the Blacks!

New Years with a puzzle and cider/beer!

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