Some things on my mind....

-should I make my last box of brownies tonight?? will I want them more later in the week? oh but they sound so so good!
-my professors are being SO understanding about being sick last week... I am quite blessed.
-I just put in a load of clothes... I am hoping they are dry by the time I have to leave next week!
-I'm going to miss my room mates... they are the best group of girls.
-I can't wait to live at home. I am 22 and am probably too excited about this haha
-I'm looking forward to my leftover tuna noodle casserole for lunch tomorrow
-I LEAVE NEXT WEEK! ooooooo I can't wait!
-should I buy boots or not.... the budgets tight ooo I want them!
-my pinkies are cold, thats weird
-I can't wait to give everyone's Christmas gifts to them... still have to get a couple!
-moooore snow at home!? eeeks Im glad Im here!
-I can't wait to make homemade marshmallows with my mom
-okay finish this project up so you can cross it off the list!

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