never thought id say this...

I can't eat pasta another day.
whether its with tomatoes. or pesto. zucchini. garlic. or all combined in different ways....

blah. I am CRAVING moist tender turkey, moist chicken with crispy skin, a Culvers burger with fries (hello!), a great steak sandwich (ala my parents), baked rice, a loaded baked potato, a BLT, yogurt pie, homemade popcorn, mm and Christmas cookies!
Tonights meal I tried to down...

Don't get me wrong.... there is wonderful pasta here. WONDERFUL. And my special salads still make me swoon and how I love the pizza... I just cant do anymore traditional pasta dishes. Bring on the soups e panne (bread)
Excuse the horrible pictures; but its Christmas in Italy too and we are celebrating!! We decked our tree out in pasta garland -how appropriate- and some of the cutest paper snowflakes that the girls made. I am sooooooooooo O O O ready for Christmas!!

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