Dessert with breakfast

Its a Friday night... but all I can think of is breakfast! and saturday morning! I can not wait to sleep in tomorrow. eeek!

There are many ingredients in the 'frig and in the pantry that I need to keep working on, so I tried combining them with my breakfast craving!

First up: Flatout wraps. love 'em. simple and better than a wrap but not as heavy and bready as bread.
Second up: Almond Breeze, a type of almond milk. Where have I been!? It seems like everyone but me has tried it and they all love it. Although I do not like it as much as I thought/hoped I would, I am glad I tried it. If it was warmer and I was into making super smoothies I would use it more. Maybe thats on the agenda for tomorrow....
1 egg + 1 white + splash of almond milk + hot pepper flakes.
Scrambled them up. Toss in green pepper and a slice of bacon! oh yum!
To pull it all together I sliced up muenster cheese (it looks like butter doesn't it?!)
I used the cheese as 'glue' to keep the wrap together.
and wrapped it up.
This was delicious! And filling. Definitely a repeater!
I also had fresh pineapple, juicy grapes, bananas, and strawberries. YUM.

Currently, I'm working on a homemade cream puff... kind of like this one that I had two nights ago. Except tonight its double cream puff (w/ ice cream) topped with fresh strawberries & raspberries and warm nutella. Let me repeat.... Nutella. It's going to be a great weekend.

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