ISU Graduation

I've spent a lot of time in this classroom and other classrooms like this one over the past 4 years. So many graphic studios, critiques, lectures, slide shows, etc.... and I loved every second of it. I really don't think there is another major that is better suited for me.
This weekend was wonderful. Here's a recap :)
My grandparents from Minnesota arrived Friday night and we started the graduation festivities Saturday morning with this great breakfast!

Homemade oatmeal raspberry scones (recipe to come. these were awesome!), scrambled eggs (gotta have a little salt and protein!), fresh fruit(!!), aaaand donut holes. All served with milk and coffee. Breakfast perfection!

We all drove to Ames and celebrated graduation at the design college. It was so fun!! Wonderful speakers, all of my friends and their families there, and a huge hug from my dad as I walked off the stage after I received my diploma. Then a quick, errr long, bite to eat at Jimmy Johns. 8" to be exact. After that we headed to Hilton for the big grad ceremony.
The auditorium was packed. Luckily, though, things went off without a hitch and speeches were kept short so we were out around 4pm. It feels so good to be done and it was such a great day with my family all there supporting :)
I just noticed the 4 of us coordinated... green pinkish/purple. oh how fab. ha

Jake, my mom Jill, me, and my daddio Glen
We rushed home, grabbed a fast dinner, and I left to get back to Ames to CELEBRATE!!
Justin, Cameron, Lace, me, Matt, and Lindsey
my grandparents and me
Gianni 7 + Angela
Favorite part of the evening!? dancing to PYT with all of the girls :)

I can't wait to post some of the great meals we had... including those scones! I'm heading out to watch Hurt Locker. Have a great night!

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