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It's ironic I am deciding to write this post during the week of Valentine's Day... I've never been a fan. Even years I happen to have a boyfriend. There are too many dollars spent on overpriced red petals, too many disappointed girls with lofty expectations, and I have never been a fan of pink. or hearts. especially pink hearts.

Regardless of the pink hearts and crusty petals that remain from the big day, here are 9 things I happen to love. or shall I say adore.

In no particular order...

Williams-Sonoma Small Silicone Spoonula
They're petite and boy are they cute!
I have a green set (spoon-and-spat-ula) because my mama knows I love green.

The combination of a bright blue-teal and poppy orange.
I used to hate this. Seriously hate. But now I appreciate the complimentary tones and the way they pop! Its so springy. I immediately think of the glassy green sea in Capri and the coral that was everywhere. takes me back :)

chocolate milk.
buy some the next time you're at the grocery store.
I think about chocolate milk (and golden grahams. weird, I know) everyday during my workout at Kosama. sooo good.

Anthropologie's new wedding dress line.
The simplicity and unique embellishments are incredible, but the photo styling is just as wonderful.

I love breakfast. Usually it's (loaded) oatmeal and usually its at 8am. But last night I made these awesome pancakes and was so close to making them again. Like Madison suggests, best topped with peanut butter!

Smores Pie.
If you know me very well, you know I love smores. and marshmallows. So I am sure you're not surprised that I can't stop dreaming about this pie. Ohh my goodness.

Biaggi's Foccaccia bread.
I contemplate driving to Biaggis just for their bread numerous times each week. I am not exaggerating. I have to remind my self—continually—that bread, no matter how cheap (only $2.75 for a quarter of a pan!!) it is, is not the best dinner option.

aaaand I just realized I just posted 3 food items.
That means I need to stop and think about more things I love.
other than my heated mattress pad. thats dorky.
and this knife I want (err... I want my mom to get). it involved the kitchen and I already posted about the kitchen enough.

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