Kitchen Perfection

Snitching unbaked cookie dough from my mom's bright orange tupperware bowl used to be one of my favorite things to do! I'd climb our red stool and perch on the hoosier cupboard sneaking bits when she wasn't looking. It all took place in our small kitchen in the house I grew up in until 3rd grade.

Soon after moving into our current house in Nevada, my parents built their dream kitchen to replace the dark L-shaped one we had. Walls were moved, wood floors were put down, and my parents were so pleased with the end results. That kitchen has seen many dance recital dinners with my grandparents and family, a couple graduation open houses, and plenty of incredible meals cooked by my mom and dad.

The kitchen, as you may have guessed, is important to me. Two friends of mine and I moved into a charming new townhouse in the historic part of downtown Des Moines called Sherman Hill. Although our townhouse is new and sports 9 foot ceilings, wide cream wood work, modern fixtures in dark espresso, it is built to look old and definitely holds the charm and coziness of an older home.

The best part? I am completely in love with our kitchen. It's perfect for entertaining. We have gathered many groups around our large island and hope to have many more. The lighted open cabinets are perfect. Living with a chef is perfect.

The kitchen is perfect!

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  1. I remember when your parents put in the new kitchen!! This looks wonderful and so inviting! You are so lucky! I have a horrible hallway kitchen in our house. I cannot wait to have my dream kitchen someday!