Pizza and greek yogurt

I just realized I didn't photograph the brownies I made. Delicious! (Smitten Kitchen's cocoa brownies) or the lemon bars I made. Preeetty good. (an old recipe my Mom had) Bummer! ... oh well guess that means I'll have to make them again!
Last night, after working on projects all day, I made such a great dinner. so good that I am recreating it today for lunch!
green & red pepper, fresh mushrooms, one crumbled black bean & veggie burger, lotsa basil, garlic powder, and thin slices of muenster cheese. All on top of a FlatOut Flat Bread and pizza sauce!

Try it! You'll love it!

A quick breakfast this morning...
oatmeal with almond slices sprinkled with Kashi Blueberry cluster cereal and blueberries
and a quick snack...
pumpkin??.... I've been inspired by reading so many blogs about the addition of pumpkin to yogurt, as well as the use of greek yogurt. It is very high in protein (a whopping 15 grams!) and low in fat. 0 grams of fat in fact!
I mixed in about 1/3 cup pumpin and stirred until it was almost completely incooperated. I'm particular and like the variation in color, so I do not stir it completely.
After toasting slivered almonds
I added a bit of homemade granola, and brown sugar.looks great!!.... tasted.... um... like sour cream. bummer. I had to add more sugar and after about half of the dish I couldn't finish it. I added honey and oatmeal. a little overnight oats anyone!? :) I love IGE and she has inspired me to try overnight oats. Check out her recipe and creations at Iowa Girl Eats.

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