Chicken Noodle Soup

I can't believe I forget to name off chicken noodle soup every time someone asks me what my favorite food is...... I LOVE IT!!

I was craaaving meat after my week in Texas because we lived with 2 vegetarians and most of our meals were veggies, so I texted my mom on the way home and asked for chicken noodle soup. This soup has turned into our traditional Christmas Eve dinner because its that good. But why not have it in the middle of March too!?

We cooked our chicken at 350 for about 90 minutes...
Sauteed our celery, carrots, and onions. Added water, low sodium chicken broth, s&p, and then homemade noodles. They're lumpy and chewy and so sooo good. And right as my corn bread muffins came out of the oven we plopped our hot chopped chicken in the soup.


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