oatmeal overflow

Bare with me... this photo isn't pretty. I forgot to put my banana slices on first so they are just plopped on top... and the color... and the fact that I wasn't watching close enough so my oatmeal boiled over and is stuck to the sides of my bowl...

Into the mix-- oatmeal, chia seeds, milk, water and to top it off a banana, slivered almonds, and brown sugar. This was pretty good but next time I'd like to add vanilla and/or peanut butter for a little extra flavor!

Tonight I had AWESOME beef stew with thee. most. tender. beef I've had probably since last summer (and crescent rolls! yeah!). I didn't grab a picture because I was too hungry, but look at this gorgeous salad I had a two nights ago. mm mmm!
chia seeds on my salad too
It was awesome and happened to compliment the hot wings I had perfectly.

Alright, enough salad talk. I may have to make these this weekend! If Puppy Chow and Cookies had a baby this is what she'd look like. oh yum!

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