A little Cinese and home in Roma...

No, I did not misspell Chinese in the title :) Because 'c' is pronounced as 'ch' in the Italian language, all of the signs for Chinese restaurants are written Cinese here! I think its cute.

I just couldn't do it. no pasta. no veggies.

instead........ Chinese. with Karen :) We went out together a couple Fridays ago and enjoyed watching a ridiculous and scary cartoon while eating really good Chinese food just a couple doors down from our apartment. Weird but completely enjoyable. I had spring rolls (made with just cabbage (is this the way they are all made?).. they were a bit more sour than I am used to but still good!), white rice, and cashew chicken (that was tender!!). My total bill was 7 euro... not too shabby! Karen and I were both stuffed when we left.... buuuuut....
we wanted something warm and something chocolately! My parents brought me a box of turtle brownie mix so we whipped 'em up... they're a little funky made with olive oil but that didn't stop us. caramel swiiiiiirl
As much as I loooove baking cookies, making bars, and even pies or cheesecakes.... a pan of brownies is at the top of my list. Remember this!?
Oooooh! I didn't forget about it... I officially added it to my Christmas list haha :) And this! It seems to me that its a staple in any kitchen....
I leave for a week in Switzerland-Germany-Milan-and-Venice tomorrow night so I have a few things to get done before I can head out. Ciao! Have a great week!

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