Arrivederci Dublin!

We leave for Roma in 3 short hours... I can't sleep... I'm too excited! A few random pictures from my week in Ireland.This old man made us laugh so hard during our trip to the monastery! He just popped his head in and didn't crack a smile at all and then just walked away.
Looks delicious, right? This is from McDonalds! We ate dinner there tonight... they have "twisty fries" which are exactly like Arby's curly fries... I was one happy camper.

Our hostel! Abigails is located right by the Temple Bar District. Let's just say it is the perfect location.

Miss Molly Malone on Grafton StreetUntil two years ago Ireland exported a lot of coal... this is a picture of the turf (or peat, as we call it) they were removing. After one thousand years it becomes coal... I'm sure that wasn't the best explanation of the process........ they haven't been able to do this because of the rainy weather over the past 2 years. BlockquoteThe double arches I mentioned yesterday...

This is the river and one of the bridges that is across the street from our hostel... gorgeous, huh!?Last night in Dublin... We have been brushing up on our Italian... ha wish us luck. Ciao!

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