Wicklow and the countryside

All of us girls went on a bus tour to Wicklow, a town in the country on the southeastern coast of Ireland) today... I took quite a few pictures but here are the best ones.... one more day in Ireland and then we are off to Roma!! I. can. not. wait!!!
Dunlaoghaire (Dun-leery)- a small town south of Dublin. It was absolutely adorable... we are going back tomorrow for the town celebration!

We shopped a bit on the way... there were so many things I wanted to buy in this shop Avoco but, surprise surprise, I walked out empty-handed.Pictures don't do this lake justice... the entire day was breathtaking. It was definitely a 'fresh' day today (as our bus driver told us, "its not cold, its fresh!"I like that!) so standing on top of this huuuge cliff was breezy and cold but it was Awesome.
These mountains are called Sugarload Mts because they are made of quartz and they look like sugar as they sparkle in the sun.This is the property and area that many movies are shot at including Braveheart and P.S. I love you! The owner of the house (in the picture) charges 30 thousand euro every week for producers to use his land. All vehicles and props are left in a field at the top of the field and only the things needed are brought down on golf carts... very neat!These next few pictures are from Glendalough... a small and VERY old monastery? It was so beautiful. There are 2 lakes there and hundreds of gravestones. They also have the highest watch tower still standing in Ireland (100km tall) and the only double arched entrance still standing. Carolyn and I were in search of an 'Egan' gravestone for her but instead found soooo many Bridgets on gravestones.... we decided Patrick & Bridget Byrne were the most common names. I lost count at 14 Bridgets.... here are a couple of them.

Remember the picture of my in front of The Oliver St. John Gogarty bar (its bright green with flags and gold signage...)?? We went there for dinner and drinks tonight. Carolyn and I tried Dublin coddle- a dish with sausage (interesting..... to say the least) and potatoes, onions, more sausage and bacon... but the best part was our dessert. Just like our coffees from Bewely's it was the creamiest ice cream we had ever had!! It was called Homemade Brown Bread Ice Cream... and thats exactly what it was! Brown bread crumbs in vanilla ice cream with strawberries..... I could go for some Cold Stone right now :)
Oh my gosh! I almost forgot :) I went back to Grafton St today with Car and made two purchases.... I bought gold metallic gladiator sandals and a really great light blue/orange scarf!

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