Buon Giorno Roma!

We made it to Roma!.......... after a long and exciting day we are unpacked and all settled in. Car, Bethany, and I found a fruit market about 15 feet away from our apt... I AM IN HEAVEN!! We also found the cutest bakery up the street. We clearly did not know how to speak Italian but we managed to buy a couple pizza-like things and biscotti... I'm definitely going back. Now that it's finally evening in the U.S. I am skyping! Finally!! :)
We took a 3:45am bus to the airport and flew out at 7:10. The Swiss Alps.... Carolyn and I were sooooo excited when we saw these!! And Italia, below...Our apartment is adorable! So colorful, so new, and sooo IKEA! Its so big... I live with 6 other girls and, so far, 3 of us are here. It's really safe as we have a gate at the entrance and are on the first floor. We have balconies galore, 2 bathrooms, wireless internet, and huge windows.

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  1. I love seeing the pictures...post lots!! Mom