Grafton Street

Which 2 girls can shop ALL day and not buy a single thing?? ..... Carolyn and I.

We shopped all day today on Grafton Street, which had great shops, cafes, flower markets, etc etc.... but we didn't buy a thing! Both of us kept finding adorable tops, cute heels, or great scarves and still didn't buy anything. Around 8pm we turned around to get dinner and decided to buy a couple things on our way back that we looked at earlier buuuut the shops were cosed! Tomorrow after our tour of Wicklow we are going to RUN to Grafton and buy a few things that we fell in love with today :)

Car and I had THE best coffees today at the place above called Bewely's... Car had a Bewely's White (a latte) and I had a cappuccino... seriously one of the creamiest and best coffees ever.

After shopping we went to dinner and both had a doner kabob (lamb and cole slaw w/ spicy chili mayo on flat bread) with french fries and coke :) delicious! We were both starving and it definitely hit the spot... after getting b!tched at after not understanding the two girls working there.

our doner kabobs...
after dinner Car and I met up with the rest of the group and went to a bar called Mercantile....
The Irish guys we met told us tons of info about Ireland... places to visit and things that annoy them about Americans. The top two things: how we say Tuesday (It's supposed to be pronounced choose-day) and thirty-three (It's supposed to be pronounced Tirty-tree)... it was a fun night!

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