Miller time

For having no plans this weekend it definitely turned out to be a great one!

After getting lots of little things done in the morning on Saturday my aunt and uncle and their 5 young kids arrived! Ron (my dad's younger brother), Missy, Zack, Anna, Luke, Leah, and John live in Sleepy Eye, MN and were in town celebrating one of Missy's family member's college graduation. W
e just spent time relaxing and talking, but I had so much fun! All of their children were so cute and well behaved kids! It kind of hit me last night how rarely we have relatives visiting... usually just for big occasions and, in those cases, it's usually evvveryone. I had a great time, come back soon Millers!

[Anna, Me, Leah, & John]

On Sunday I spent the day fishing and celebrating my dad's 50th birthday! :) This is what is keeping him young.... he loves it!
Happy Birthday Daddio!

It was a great weekend... and I am already looking forward to my last two in the states! I have a long weekend at a cabin in MN starting this Thursday (hurry Thursday!) and then a wedding in eastern Iowa.

Have a great week everyone!

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