missing home

I miss home today....... and I miss my mom and dad's cooking..... especially the casseroles and warm desserts so I whipped this up for lunch!
tuna noodle casserole
a la Bridget

another huge perk of my newly found obsession and love for cooking and baking!? making my favorite dishes healthy and knowing exactly what I'm putting into them! I loaded this one with peas (they were so sweet!) and sauteed evoo, garlic, onion, milk, pepperocino & ricotta cheese (because thats all I had) water and tuna until the pasta was ready. Tossed them together and let them cook a little longer....... delicious!

speaking of delicious...

look at this lineup from last night's birthday chinese dinner!
white and fried rice, chop suey (my new favorite!), cashew chicken, sweet and sour chicken, shrimp lo mein, and spring rolls!

And, of course, we devoured the tarts and cream puffs! The puffs were filled with a sweet hazelnut paste filling, pistachio filling, and a perfectly chocolate mouse. I liked the lemon and fruit tarts the best, but they were all so tasty! yum!!
Thanks again, to everyone, for making my birthday so special. The songs/serenades (haha you know who you are!), on-the-hour Happy birthdays!, facebook posts, cards, and emails... everything made me feel so special.

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