I'd like you to meet thee best sandwich in the world. oh yeah... the woooorld. He is a pastrami sandwich and grew up in Bar del Cappucino, a small and oh-so-traditional Italian Cafe just around the corner from my studio in the heart of Rome.Fresh chewy toasted bread, a smear of mustard and mayo, freshly (right in front of you!) sliced tomatoes and lettuce and freshly shaved pastrami. Drizzled with a bit of lemon juice and wrapped porta via! [to go!]

I had my first pastrami yesterday and had to have one today! I am not much of a sandwich person but this one has won me over! Absolutely delicious! .... I should mention that it doesn't hurt that a young hot Italian guy serves these up!

Today was kind of an odd day. I spent the entire day at studio writing an art history paper on the Cosmatesque mosaics from the 12th century AD that are found in so many Roman churches... yay. thrilling. blah. Its done. Buuuut on the other hand, it was a great and exciting day! I skyped with Eric one last time before he headed to the airport and he is flying from Des Moines to Chicago as I type this! After a short layover in Chicago he will leave tonight (US time) and arrive in Munich tomorrow around noon (my time) and finally in Rome tomorrow at 4:40. Travelling for more than 24 hours and adjusting to a 7hr time change is going to be tricky... I hope he and his aunt aren't too tired and can still enjoy the day tomorrow!

I. can. not. wait!

It hasn't quite hit me yet.... but it slowly is. As I was packing earlier I realized that I will actually get to see him tomorrow! no more skype! Woot woot! :) I need to finish up a couple projects as I won't be back in Rome until Wednesday (we will be in Florence!). Ciao!

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