my birfday

iiiiiiiiiits my birthday! and wow! I feel so lucky and blessed! Thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes already! I really appreciate it :)

I've mentioned that I have awesome room mates before... they are fun. spunky. talented designers. considerate people. great chefs. even better friends. and the most thoughtful people I know....

see! thoughtful, right?!
This is what I woke up to!!

all of my favorites!
cioccolata cornetto, a banana, and yogurt/cereal duo.

I worked on projects and decided to nap.....
and after that little nap I woke up to THIS!

streamers aaaaand watercolored streamers spelling out Happy Birthday Bridget. too cute!

if that wasn't enough, the 6 of them got me the best little treats that I have been eyeing since the day I got here!
little tarts and cream puffs!
Ive only tried one so far...
lemon custard with berries. it was so good!
tart and sweet and fruity. looove love love
in a couple hours we are having chinese and devouring these little sweet treats :) Thank you so much girls!

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