more birthday...

Who is lucky enough to get 2 birthdays!? yeesh... thank you so much everyone! I received these beautiful flowers and my favorite combo of nutella and bananas from my best friend Lacey, who is actually studying in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands right now!! She had already given me such a sweet and thoughtful gift that I was stunned that these were from her! Thanks lace :)

Usually I love to plan, shop, and cook my dinners... but that went straight out the window Wednesday night when I received this :) chips and salsa!!

I had the best birthday, as you all know, so when I walked into our studio for my art history lecture Wendesday night to this HUGE box I was shocked. and SO happy!

29 (let me repeat, twenty nine) pounds of food. my favorite food. my favorite food from home. loooove love love love love thoughtful gifts like this... wooo I have the butterflies again!
Brownie mixes, cake mix, frosting, oatmeal (!), 3 bags of tortilla chips!, 4 jars of my favorite flavor of salsa, dove chocolates, twizzlers and more twizzlers, skittles, starbursts, nutella, and the softest little stuffed animal!! Eric deeeefinitely earned some brownie points with my room mates......... thanks again hun!
I had every intention to take a better picture of all of the food looking a bit more organized than this heap of food buuuut I was too hungry! haha I am loving the chips and salsa!

**You may notice that the cake mix box is open... Karen opened the box on the way home just to smell the mix... what can I say?! we miss food from home! **

Tonight: brownies. Tomorrow morning? Oatmeal and toast. ohhhh yeah!

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