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As I've mentioned before (I think I have anyway...) our professors and the curriculum is written in such a way that our experience and the wonderful city we call home is integrated so thoroughly and completely in our projects. exhibit a.
My Advance Type class: Art Gr 475
Project: 1000 paces
We were instructed to go to the Pantheon, which is right around the corner from studio, and walk 1000 paces in any direction/route documenting what we see, hear, feel, think along the way. From our 1000 paces we then had to create a set of 4 plates or compositions each with a bit different requirement. The first plate had to be type only, the second image only, the third type dominant, image recessive and the last one had to be image dominant. We also had to include 3D elements and information graphics...

I am loving the colors in this... they really reflect the colors of the buildings, the rusts, greens, golds, patinas, aged buildings...... I love the colors here in general. bene bene... back to homework!

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