a few things I'm thankful for...

family dinners (I had a great night last night)
driers (we wash our clothes here and we hang them up. and then we wait daaaaaays weeeeeeks)
chips and salsa (I love chips and salsa and Ive had them a lot in the last few days and I love them even more now!)
my little french press and coffees with my mom
Harleys (I can't wait for next spring already...)
Visitors (I loved having my parents come and I am soooooo excited for Eric and Mary Ann to get here)
Marco (and his fruits and veggies)
Lacey (I like her. a lot. She pushes me and our friendship has continued to grow even though we are worlds apart)
warm weather (sitting on the terrace today during class was pure perfection)
wireless internet
family (I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone)
feeling so safe here (I realized today that I have only felt legitimately unsafe less than a handful of times this entire semester)
creativity (I love my major and am so thankful I get to work on this type of homework and get to be creative each day)
country music
hot chocolate mix I'm hoping Bethany is feeling generous enough to give me some tonight)

I can hear homework calling my name.

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  1. Bia...I'm thankful for you too! Loves and kisses and wishes:)