All things green

Morning! ooo and Happy Halloween! I almost forgot! hmmm I could go for some leftover Halloween Twix or Kit Kats right now....

I've had a great morning so far and its only 11! woot! Marco's veggies were looking so good yesterday so I grabbed a huge head of romaine and this morning chopped it all so 1. I'll use it and not shy away from eating salad because of the dreaded prep work and 2. so I use it all and don't let it go bad!
Italians only use the balsamic vinegar & olive oil duo for dressing salads, but I have come up with my own favorite. I will for sure bring this one back to the states with me! A light drizzle of olive oil, freshly ground black pepper and the star ingredient ricotta cheese! It's sooooo good. I've been eating carrots, roma or cherry tomatoes, black beans and this 'dressing' on my salads... I love it!

Look at these little gems! Becky has had friends visiting from the states and after their Toscana trip they stayed here last night....... and since they didn't want to tote around a bag of grapes they left them for us! Can't say I was disappointed... These aren't your typical grapes. They are tangy, but so sweet! and they squish almost as if they are a really juicy gummy inside. The only downside... three. stupid. seeds. in. each. little. grape. The seeds in the oranges and grapes just annoy me.

and last but not least.... a little fruit before breakfast...
is it a lime!?
is it an orange!?
I'm still not sure and my search to find out what it is is coming up short..... beeest part!? no seeds! Marco gave Bethany and I a couple of these and I will definitely be buying more!

That's a wrap. Have a great Saturday!!

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