Family Dinner

Leah is a vegetarian.
Laura is allergetic to gluten.
& Bethany and I were in charge of family dinner!

We searched and searched for recipes that fit both of our needs, but found two incredible recipes that I will make for yeeears!

On our menu: Vegetarian shepherds pie and homemade fresh peach and strawberry crisp.

potatoes to boil!
We used an entire bag of potatoes from Marco, the fruit market owner!

and tons of veggies! this bowl is easily a 18-maybe-even-24-inches-across!
tomatoes, eggplant, onion, squash
, carrots, cabbage, basil, beans, garlic, and jalepeno!

-boil potatoes and strain
-chop and mix veggies
-sautee shortly in oil
-plop in roaster
-make sauce and mix in with veggies - strawberry jam (crazy right?!), balsamic vinegar, pesto, broth, basil, sage, s&p, crushed red pepper flakes
-top with potatoes
-sprinkle with chives
-bake for 30-45 min
We started with a tossed salad (with the cutest and sweetest grape tomatoes!) and bread.
and then theres dessert :)

a little cinnamon and honey sauteed the fresh peaches and juiciest fresh strawberries
then topped with gluten-free flour, crushed up shortbread granola cookies (we had to make do with with we could find!) and butter... baked and voila. YUM!
everyone enjoyed it!

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