Mass at San Pietro

How much more lucky can I get?!
I have been able to pray the rosary and attend mass at the Vatican...
both said by His Holiness, The Pope!
It has been an awesome weekend!

A couple pictures to give you a glimpse :)
The famous red curtain.
The Pope.
Even though we had a small book to follow, the mass was a bit tricky to follow for 2 1/2 hours.
We were lucky enough to witness 5 cannonizations, as well.
The grandeur of it all, the traditional garb, the nuuuumerous priests, bishops, cardinals, and NUNS, beautiful classical music, and general ambiance of St. Peter's was absolutely incredible. I can not wait to go back and walk slowly to just take it in went mass isn't going on.

Too funny... I couldn't resist!
I met Jan, a man from Poland and we tried to talk to each other.
He took a picture of me looking up and taking it in so I asked him to take one on my camera.
kind of corny...haha

Holy Communion.
Somehow we managed to get tickets from a group (thanks Car!!), get inside, and get a great place to stand.
what we saw as we left mass...

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