Oded Ezer

Oded Ezer. Eeee! I love him!

We have our second, and final, workshop this week with typographer Oded Ezer. He flew in from Israel and has been so inspiring and awesome so far. We talked all morning about our letter forms that we created for him... and he introduced and explained his theory, mind set, and business mantra. I am so inspired! This is exactly what I want and need to hear. This is what Rome and this experience is all about! I am so inspired.

Today's excercise:

1. select a letter. I chose Y.
2. select a person or personality that starts with that letter. I chose Yoko Ono.
3. give the letter form that personality. sounds easy right? .... this is where his ideas and theories come to mind... have fun! have fun! have fun! keep and use only the bare essentials. Why add a certain form, structure, or material that has nothing to do with the letter form or that complicates the concept. Editors work with words and give them meanings. We, as typographers, have the challenge of giving meaning to letters.

Here is my letter Y inspired by Yoko Ono.

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