Tried something new!

I am having one cUHrazy Halloween........

not really.... instead Bethany and I are drinking wine, eating oreos (from her parents visit!) and plugging away at projects. oooh! and I heard more plans for Eric's visit! We both tried new dishes for dinner, too! She made incredible lettuce wraps and I made this!
Toasted Garlic and Chickpea on a Toasted baguette
I am getting so into cooking and baking (mostly cooking here because our oven is teeny. tiny. itty. bitty. and its a bit tricky guaging time/heat without a temp gauge!) and this recipe has been in the back of my mind for mooonths. no joke! I read Iowa Girl Eats blog daily and she made this with white beans........

I made mine with chickpeas (an excellent source of protein, inexpensive, and low in fat!)
I toasted 3 fresh garlic cloves in olive oil, added 3 diced roma tomatoes, sauteed it a bit, and then added and mashed a can of chickpeas. Slowly, I added ~1/4 milk and s&p. I quickly toasted my baguette and smushed my spread on top of my bread. so good!

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