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mmm! I just made -err heated up- soup and the best little baguette for dinner. You can't beat a fairly fresh vegetable soup with no added preservatives on a cool evening.... last night was a looong night (and morning!) doing homework so after a class, shopping, a nap and shower this absolutely hit the spot! For dessert I baked a couple small baking apples with cinnamon that I found at our fruit market. I miss my mom's apple crisp and my Grandma Shirley's apple pie bars! mmm can't wait for the holidays!!

On Tuesday we had the unique opportunity to attend a book making workshop by well known book artist Vittorio Fava. Who spoke NO english whatsoever, I might add.

Although my book looks a bit too 'mixed media meets collaged school project' I am stoked that I learned how to sew/glue/make the signatures or pages in the book and a few techniques along the way. A couple photos from the day...
our front and back covers are covered plywood.
bindings made of thick fabric (mine was denim) stuccoed and nailed.
my beautiful mess
putting the signatures together
(a signature is the most basic element of a page. each signature has 4 pages. think of how a folded piece of paper (which can be bound) has a front, front-back, back, and back-back.)
I chose some new gorgeous paper I purchased from Vertecchi, old pages from different books of all shapes and sizes, vintage Italian postcards, sheet music, tissue paper, and other textured paper.Vertecchi paper My completed back cover.
I will use this as a 'scrapbook' or journal of my semester in Roma for when I get home.
My mission: complete my travel journals within the first week I get home.I am going to try to update a few things on my blog... isn't annoying that the column width is so narrow and the leading is so large... one little paragraph spans 6 inches down your page. Trying to fix it.... have a great weekend! ciao!

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