Happy Easter!

This is one cute post by Joy the Baker (remember those gorgeous raspberry scones?! those were hers!) After reading the entire post, I happen to agree. Entirely.

I am still working on a post from last Sunday's Gianni 7 Reunion. It's taking me way too long... In the meantime, I'll share these beauties!

How great do these look!? I found this display of caramel apples (plus cookies chocolate nutes sprinkles sugar frosting etc etc etc) in Whole Foods (an incredible grocery store that was first opened in Austin TX specializing in organic, healthy, and whole foods). I wanted to get one so badly, but did you catch how much they were!? Nearly 8 bucks each! whoa ho ho Noooo.

they are pretty cute though :)

Happy Easter everyone! OOOOO

those little guys above are, of course, little easter eggs.

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