Milo & Diem

One thing I may miss most about 'college' is meeting with Lacey at Cafe Milo or Cafe Diem to study. We always joke that we just know how to study with each other. We can talk and talk and talk and then tell each other to stop talking and not be offended, we treat each other to cookies, remind each other of deals or, like last week, turn each other onto the BEST entrees!

Tomato Bisque with Toasted Bread.
The best entree at Cafe Milo. It is so delicious! Spicy and yet creamy, tomato-ey, and yet peppery. Absolutely my favorite.

Tying with Cafe Milo's entree is Cafe Diem's incredible Black Bean Burger!! You know how I feel about black bean burgers.....
I think we are headed to Milo today and I truly can't wait! 2 oclock needs to hurry! After that, one presentation (last big assignment of my college career!) and class. :) Have a great Tuesday!

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