Homemade croutons

I remember posting this a few months ago while in Roma. My absolute favorite way to start the day was with a cioccolata cornetto and a cappuccino from Bar Del Cappuccino. yum. In the states, however, I want my day to start with this. Every day. Ooo wouldn't that be nice?!
Chocolate Chip Bagel and Hazelnut cream cheese from Panera!
Paired with a perfect Cinnamon Sticky Buns french press coffee. deeelish!

After a great Friday at work I came home to an awesome dinner. My mom made these homemade croutons. oh yeah. She's good. :) These were very crunchy and very good! Not to mention, she put them in one of my favorite dishes. I have a thing for dishware.
They were a great addition to thiiis salad :)
um hello?! so colorful! so delicious!

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