Second time around

This meal was wonderful!!
grilled chicken
b. e. a. uuutiful!
this had so much smokey flavor. just deelish!
brussel sprouts
fresh this time!
(drum roll please......)
Quinoa (keen-wa)!!
I have been wanted to try this for months.
We added sauteed celery, carrots, and onions and toasted almonds.
Quinoa is a complete protein grain. Very nutritious and tasty! Love it!
Leftovers from that great meal went into my lunch. I don't usually crave salads, but today was different. I think the combination of the gorgeous warm weather and knowing we have spinach and romaine made me want one. This did not disappoint!! Spinach, romaine, fresh mushrooms, black beans, leftover quinoa, and a tid bit of ranch. SO good.
Last night was VEISHEA and I'm off to celebrate another night! Happy Saturday!

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