Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!! I'm stuffed. :) such a good feeling! Now Im sipping on a french press and blogging!

Instead of waking up to cinnamon rolls like a few weeks ago... I woke up to potatoes baking in the oven. Since about 9am I've been cooking! Its been a busy day but it paid off. Here are the goods--
Cornish Game Hens
My dad seasoned the little guys with s&p on the inside and Famous Daves Rib Rub on the outside (with a little butter to make it stick) and popped them onto the Weber for about an hour and 20 min at about 350.
These were DELICIOUS.

Next up-- Brussel Sprouts.

I know..... gross, right? WRONG. I have been reading about roasted brussel sprouts on my two favorite blogs (iowagirleats.com and katheats.com) for the past year or so and finally decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did! They were great! Even my brother and my dad who reminded me many times how they were not thrilled about them, said they really liked them! Score.

(these were frozen so prep may change a bit but it will be similar)
cut off stem. remove raggy leaves on the outside.
slice in half lengthwise. toss with olive oil, garlic salt, and pepper then bake at 425 for 27-30 minutes.

And... Spinach and strawberry salad with homemade poppy seed dressing by my mom! It was so fresh!
Also... twice baked potatoes and french bread.

for dessert.... Special K bars. Half the pan is already gone... I give my dad until tomorrow morning to polish the rest of the pan off :)

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