The way to my heart...

They say the way to a man's heart is through their stomach... The same could be said for me, because I'm in love with Tommy!

Spring Break was all Austin TX for me and I picked this up at one of my favorite spots in ATX; Whole Foods Headquarters. ohhh my! where to begin..... fruit so colorful it felt like we had walked into a candy shop, fresh grind-your-own-nut butter (my favorite was almond!), lots of fresh samples in the bakery!, amazingly unique products that are difficult to find in Iowa like kale chips and gfree options...

Chips and salsa are definitely the way to my heart! When I saw Tommy giving samples and selling his new salsa at Whole Foods I knew I had to buy some. He had just received his first shelf space -- how exciting! :)
After we all dipped in to several of his different types, I chose the Fire Roasted Corn & Black Bean salsa. I love black beans and this was nice and smoky.
I gave it a try last night with my cheap bag of Santitas- gotta love 'em. It was indeed smokey, but not very tomato-ey. I liked it a lot, but I do think I'll try adding crushed tomatoes next time to add extra flavor and stretch it out a bit.

This would be awesome used on blackened chicken or maybe on top of rice?! I'm glad I picked it up! Have a great Monday!

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