Ooooooh yeah

Oooooooooh yeah -- imagine it like this song! :)

I think my little experiment worked because these were my frozen cookies from a couple months ago. They turned out fabulous! Good to know..... I will be making an extra batch and freezing them from now on.

My dad has been working on my car for so many nights now, so I thought I'd have these waiting for him when he came in from the garage. I think he liked them :) Thanks Dad!! I owe you!!

so so good!

Ya know what else I'm excited for!? Grilling. summer. steak. brats. hot dogs. chicken. grilled veggies. shish kabobs. anything. done. on. the. the grill.

I grilled this steak late last night, made a bit more quinoa, and gobbled. This was perfect.
Peppery and perfectly grilled.
bad picture, my apologies.

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