Campo dei Fiori

Classes have officially started.... our family and dining room is littered with paper trimmings, xactos, sketch books, and girls. We spent the morning with our art history professor walking through a few amazing churches. Santa Maria Maggoriore (intricate amazing mosaic work), Basilica de Prissade (spelling!?) (insane mosaic work), and finally St. Peter In Chains Church.

skip this paragraph if you don't want to hear what I learned in art history this am: Michaelangelo was commissioned by Julius II to sculpt an extravagent program (set/grouping) of 40 Roman beaurocrats for his tomb, but after being pulled away from this project by many other paintings and little things, he was only able to start and finish the main figure of Moses. That sculpture is now in St. Peter In Chains (along with the chains... we got to seem them, as well. I expected more, but they were neat, nonetheless. Its hard to fully comprehend the immense history here) Va bene. Back to Moses... Its breathtaking. Pristine. Powerful. And glossssy looking (Up until a couple decades ago people were allowed to touch him. One can still see where he was touched most frequently, because of it his knees and legs are extra shiny and a little stained.) Immediately as you walk down the side aisle along the nave you catch his gaze... it was really neat. The tension in his hands, tendrils of his beard, and his muscular legs are just incredible. I still marvel at the smallest things here in Rome; its just unbelievable. Moses is a gorgeous piece... I cant wait for my parents to see him.

I was lucky enough to 'have' to spend the entire morning on Wednesday in Campo dei Fiori for one of my graphic studios. I was sketching, taking photos, observing, journaling... just ideation for our identity system project.

I love this piazza...
a daily market w/ fresh food
quaint cafes
charming tree-lined terraces
and dried mangos!!
I can't wait to go back and pick some up :)

pasta, anyone?!
doesn't this picture make you want to whip something up!?
one last observation.... ha too cute!

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