If I could snack on something every single day I would definitely choose yogurt & granola or chips & salsa.... Ah I love them! After I discovered a tiny bag of tortilla chips is 4 euros and a small container of salsa is 4,70 [thats over $12 for a tiny snack that I would devour in one sitting!] I decided I had to make my own! Not that I dreaded the thought of making it, but I kind of miss my favorite brand of salsa and I was not looking forward to making my own chips in the oven...

but its a cool, dark and damp day in Roma so our trip to the market was a bit shorter than we had hoped. I did find a couple cool little things though! I started chopping and about 15 minutes later I had a great blend going on! I was too lazy to start the oven, plus I don't really know how, so I had my salsa with crostini and fresh mozzarella! I love the mozz here... so moist!

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