I packed 3 goals with me on my trip to Italia...
1. Really experience the culture [do what the locals do, become a regular at a cafe/market/bakery]
2. Bring back something that reminds me of how Roma makes me feel [photos, Roma projects, great memories, etc.]
3. Find a gorgeous ring as a souvenir. [I found a jewelry store yesterdaaay! Bethany and I headed back today!]

Soooo since I arrived, I have been trying to take pictures that really capture Roma and what it means and feels to me.... I've only gotten a few that I feel really capture Roma's personality and the one above is definitely one of my favorites! The sun seeping through the alleyways, the golden terra cotta color of the stucco, and the constant flutter of laundry out to dry wraps Roma up perfectly.

I ventured out by myself twice yesterday... the first was with only my camera and my watch. It was oddly freeing and exhilarating! As I walked passed the Pantheon and saw gobs of tourists with bags strapped to their fronts and earbuds in listening to tour guides, I felt confident and like I had done this so many times before. For the first time I didn't feel like a (total) tourist! I also sketched/observed at Campo dei Fiori and trammed it home... only one creepster 'architect' that insisted on chatting after I told him I didn't have an accendino and a pit bull behind me on the tram.

One BIG stop at the market and frutteria and I ended the night with vino de bianco with my room mates. It was a great day!

All of this produce for €4,15
I've said it before... I'll say it again
I love Roma!

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