Im starting everyday at the bakery.

I should have known it was going to be an AWESOME day when it started with a 60 cent cornetta (croissant) with fresh peach filling from the little bakery up the road!! Ahhhh love love love

Fast forward 14 hours ahead and Ive accomplished a lot!

4hr extensive tour through the Roman Forum -- incredible history. I took tons of notes. lots of pictures. loved almost every second of it.... just got a little long

6 hour Advanced Type studio class -- love our project. love my professor. love getting to talk, listen to music, and snack while designing... I really could not have picked a better major. Loooooooove it.

a quick stop by the Floral Market for a room mate -- so fun and the packaging & flowers are perfectly Italian and perfectly tacky!

a long list of "family" things to do this weekend -- all of my room mates will be staying in Roma this weekend and we have quite the list of things to do! [Breakfast together, dinners together, 'family' watercoloring in a park with a picnic, visiting 3 markets, party at our neighbors, etchetera etchetera etchetera as my Italiano teacher says it]

and now we are planning our trips for the semester... Ah Greece! France! Vienna! Yay! Cant wait :)

One of three arches in Roma...
two are in the Roman Forum
which is the oldest portion of Roma by far.
It looks like 'ruins' because throughout history the church
dismantled pieces/marble/statues/columns have been
torn down or dismantled to be used
in Christian churches and basilicas
instead of here in the most historically Pagean
place in Roma.
Check these doors out! This is a church made for Romulus
and the hinges and doors are ORIGINAL & WORKING bronze doorways
from the 4th century. That is 300 a.d. They still work.
Pretty amazing!

Va bene, this amazed me today. Whenever I imagine old Roman palaces or statues I picture pristine gleaming white marble. Do you!? I was way off! The marbles, woods, bricks, granites, frescoes, everything was so colorful! The picture below are marble samples of the exact marbles used. Look at the gorgeous deep purples, reds, tawny golds, and blacks. So colorful and completely different than I had imagined! This is a photo taken of the fresco paintings that are in Augustus Caesar's home on Palatine Hill. Not exactly bland creamy white marbles, huh!? Today was so impressive and inspiring! Have I mentioned that I am in love with the vibrant colors of Roma!? :)

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