With 470 studio, a really good zucchini.tomato.mozz pizza, and Italian class out of the way a few of us walked over to the Colosseum. It's just around the corner... how cool is that?!
Our common molding and classic detailing
can be seen all around Roma...

In this sense Roma is completely modern.
Classic and always in style.
Oh I can't get enough!!
Insanely large... ahead of its time... truly the eternal city
Here's my little history speel...
80 entrances numbered with Roman Numerals. Your number reflected your class
Holds 45,000 people - yesterday we saw where Circus Maximus
used to be which held 270,000. wow!
3 acts to the spectacle:
1. animals from around the world were brought in
[Elephants, bears, tigers, peacocks, zebras; 10 of each]
no animals left the Colosseum alive.
Sand was used to soak up the blood/gritty flooring
Used to show power, strength, and control of Rome.
2. Gladiator vs. animal
3. Gladiator vs. Gladiator
Rarely played to the death.
These men were trained as gladiators
and used slaves to train with.
and again imagine this place covered
with lavish and brightly colored marbles.
I wish I could just see a glimpse of what it looked like in its prime!

Finally a good one of us
taken by a guy from Oregon!

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