Friday night in Roma

I could have walked for hours more tonight except my feet were aching, I was craving banana with nutella, and we have to be up early for our trip to Assisi and Cinque Terre! Ryan, Karen and I spent the night walking, relaxing, and taking photos of a couple great places in the heart of Roma... I cant wait to show people these in person.....
Bridge over Tiber | St. Peter's basilica's dome in right
Closer... so magical... the weather was perfect tonight
Perfect juxtaposition of faster paced modern life
against the unbelievably sturdy history and elegance
powerful. austere. cant wait to go inside!
our art history class will be going in 3 wks :)
Piazza Novana... just caught my eye
so creative and curious
Good night! off Assisi at 8am... :)

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