random things around Roma

I woke up early this morning and think I caught the only sun we'll see today. Its been rainy and stormy all weekend and looks like it will be all week! bummer.

Taking a break from sketching... here are a few random things about Roma that have been on my mind...Details, engravings, architectural elements, everything is just gorgeous...
I could stare for hours and hours, days and days

I've noticed that there are just as many
beautiful young priests
as there are beautiful churches :)
There are books everywhere...
many vendors selling old books at the market, small stands in on the cobblestones streets...
Im waiting find that perfect one for my little 'project'...

The colors! ahhhhhh Love them
You can find every type of cheese you would like
at any age you want
and at any price you are willing to spend.
I'm loving my pepperoncini, ricotta, and mozzarella right now...
I think I have cheese with every meal...

Have a great day!

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  1. oh Bia Bia! I just love you! This post made me smile! As you said...life is grand:)