What. a. week! This has, by far, been the best week here yet! We were lucky enough to spend the entire week in all-day workshops working with the one and only Primo Angeli. Do any of these ring a bell?! Guinness... Ben & Jerrys... Hyatt... the Olympics... Capri Sun... he has designed countless logos, posters and entire marketing systems for hundreds of companies and events and also owned a very successful design firm based out of San Fran.

Beginning with an entertaining and inspiring presentation Tuesday night, our 2.5day workshop stretched into this morning when we presented our final rebranded packages to Primo, his wife Didi, our professors, College of Design Dean, and 23 fellow graphic students. We met with Primo 3-4 times and talked with him as he walked around, received his feedback, direction, and had the weirdest coversations with him (chocolate panty hose?! murky placenta!? mozzarella nightmares?!) and most akward pinches and elegant European kisses.

My group started with the Dolce Natura's (an existing Italian brand) slimy, cold, and opaque Mozzarella pouches and decided to design an entirely new marketing plan. Glass jars with cardboard sleeves provide a more sturdy and appealing packaging, as well as save plastic and mask the murky water that is essential in mozz's freshness. Glass jars are then reused (just like milk jars were and the ever-so-popular green shopping bag is used now) and brought back to the deli [Dolce at the Deli] where more mozz balls can be purchased and placed into your glass jar. Bioplastic packages are also offered as an expensive and disposable option.

We successfully designed
a fresh, wholesome and simple look
which accurately reflects our
wholesome and fresh cheese inside.

Parts of our logo are isolated and etched
onto the glass jar.
An undeniable wholesome and healthy feel.
Innovative sleeves mask the murky liquid.

Roger Baer (our dean), Primo, Did, Troy, Cheri, and Brenda (our professors)Primo and Didi talking with Karen Paula and Car
Primo and Didi

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  1. Hi Bridget- My name is Molly, I'm a friend of Spenser's and she gave me your blog site for while you're abroad. I love reading about your adventures. Keep up the good work- and great blog title too!! Have a blast in Rome :)